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Perhaps the only thing worse than becoming sick while elderly, is becoming sick, elderly and alone.  Kwame Tanner, President and C.E.O. of Senior Service Maps, has cycloned through healthcare circles, creating luxury assisted living facilities, home care agency and a revolutionary website to help seniors in need. What truly makes Kwame a pioneer is his compassion and forward thinking.  His contributions truly make a better future possible for the geriatric community.


Despite his environmental limitations and opportunities, Kwame bucked at his social stigmas and graduated from Baltimore City College High School and Morgan State University.   During his tenure at Morgan State University, Kwame emerged as a progressive entrepreneur becoming the youngest certified general contractor in Baltimore City.  Inspired by the poor living conditions of his youth, Kwame gave new life to Baltimore City communities by renovating abandoned homes and rose as a pillar in his community, even becoming a board member of Charles North Community Association, which provides resources and support to the Charles north community in Baltimore.


After the loss of an elderly mentor who did not have immediate family to provide for his care, Kwame shifted his focus as a general developer to think more creatively about housing options for a demanding baby boomer generation that has begun to reach retirement age.  Recognizing that the number of people aged 60 to 75 would increase to 56 million in 2025, from 46 million now, Kwame opened Phoenix Rising, 4 luxury assisted living facilities, for individuals who cannot manage their own households, need help with personal care, but who are not so ill that they require 24 hour nursing care.  After many years of success, Phoenix Rising illustrates the possibilities of independent living and accomplishment for the geriatric community.


After 10 years of owning and operating Assisted Living Facilities and Home Care agency Kwame noticed a flaw in the procedures that senior care companies such as his own received referrals. This prompted Kwame to create Senior Service Maps conjunction with Senior Care social workers, to provide a free streamlined search for families and other social workers in their quest for care for Seniors in need. Kwame prides himself on in not only improving the intake process in hos own assisted living facilities but every assisted living facility. Removing the middle man; no more referral agencies pointing frail seniors in the direction of the highest bidder.


No matter where his journey takes him, he is an emerging younger leader that will always be working hard to make the world of senior care a better place.




Kwame is an active member of:


National Association Of Social Workers

American Nurses Association

Home Care Association Of America

Better Business Bureau

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