How to keep my small assisted living facility filled

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How to keep my small assisted living facility filled

Owning a small assisted living facility means you have to wear many hats. You must be a care provider, cook, cleaner, event planner, and a marketer. When you have a few empty beds, that could mean a large percentage of your income. In addition to our previous blog, “HOW DO I GET MORE CLIENTS IN MY ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY?  here are a few tips on how to market your small assisted living facility.


  1. Take the time to make marketing calls monthly.


Although you have a busy schedule it is important to keep in constant contact with social workers in hospitals and nursing homes. Do not wait until you have a vacancy to start cold calling to social workers that barely remember you. Take one or two days a month to “check in” with your referral sources. A simple call informing them of a new activity or event is an easy way to keep your company fresh in the minds of social workers.


  1. Use word of mouth to your advantage.


Owning a small assisted living facility means you should have a strong relationship with your client’s family members. Trust me, they see the hard work you put into caring for their love one. Try to have an event like a holiday dinner. Invite the resident’s family members and when they are on their way out the door, hand them five of your brochures. Simply express to them that you are a small business and it would mean a lot to you if they could spread the word of your company to their coworkers, friends and anyone that they think may need your services. You would be surprised of the power of word of mouth.


  1. Having a strong online presence.


When family member and social workers search for senior care, they often go to the internet. You must have your business accessible online. ssMaps.com is the perfect way to create an online identity for your assisted living facility. ssMaps.com was created by a senior care provider, in conjunction with senior care social workers, to provide a free streamlined search for families and social workers in their quest for care for Seniors in need. With Senior Service Maps(ssMaps.com), you get a full web page that you can use on any outside advertising. You can easily edit the content of the web page, upload pictures and add any important pricing information. Having working relationships with social workers and having a nation-wide commercial campaign allows for a huge online presence, assuring your business gets plenty of referrals. Go to ssMaps.com and list your assisted living facility today.

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