Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing an Assisted or Independent Living Community

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing an Assisted or Independent Living Community

Assisted Living

Seniors in the United States today are more sophisticated than they have ever been at any time in history. They won’t even consider setting foot in the typical retirement home your grandpa would have settled in just 3 decades ago.

With the number of seniors expected to dramatically rise over the next couple of decades, investors are rushing to develop awesome functional independent and assisted living communities that can meet the expectations of these seniors and their loved ones.

If you want to take your loved one to a senior community, there is no need to settle for a mediocre facility when you can find several great and affordable ones if you looked long enough.

Choosing between an assisted living facility and an independent living community will depend on the physical and mental wellbeing of your loved one. If they are fully mentally and physically capable and can do most daily living tasks, an independent living community is the way to go. However, if they have trouble doing most daily activities and need help taking care of themselves and their surroundings, an assisted living facility is the smarter choice.

Basically, the differences between these facilities and nursing homes is that they care for people who may find it troublesome to live by themselves but who are still mentally and physically capable and so do not need constant skilled nursing care or monitoring.

Making the Move

Your loved one might feel apprehensive about moving to a senior living community. Often, people associate such moves with losing their freedom. These fears can be quickly settled if you sit them down and have an open and honest conversation about what they stand to gain from joining such a community.

Once they learn that the communities allow the residents to enjoy common services and facilities while still living independent of other seniors and staff in the compound, their apprehension begins to dissipate.

Independent living communities allow residents to retain the choice of how to live day to day. They will also have their privacy unlike is the case with nursing homes where privacy may be limited.

These facilities provide an easy transition for healthy seniors who want to maintain most of the aspects of their daily life they enjoy while also getting the benefits of living where people willing and able to take care of their needs as seniors are easily available.

What to Look For

To ensure your loved one enjoys their stay in a seniors’ living community, ensure the establishment has all the basics covered. Some of the things you should look for include:

Home maintenance services: a good community employs responsive service men who can provide home maintenance services as needed and at fair rates.

Opportunities for social interaction: taking part in recreational and social activities is essential to living a balanced and meaningful life. Humans are social creatures. You must ensure that the community has facilities, grounds and activities that allow the residents to interact with one another. Fun social activities such as movie nights and games should also be on the menu.

Senior friendly facilities: it goes without saying that a place that caters to seniors should have its facilities tailored to the specific needs of seniors. Since you are looking for the best service possible for your loved one, a great indicator that a facility actually cares is if they have all the bases taken care of such as modifying handrails, footpaths and staircases to suit seniors.

Easy access to medical facilities: it is not necessary that a community have in-house medical professionals but you must ensure that the community is within reasonable distance of a good health center. Availability of in-house transportation services to health centers is a plus.

Medication management: seniors often struggle with managing their prescription medication. The effects of drug non-compliance for seniors are far worse than is the case for younger people. You must therefore ensure that the community has good medication management procedures for seniors under their care.


The bottom line is that you want to find a facility that your loved one will enjoy staying in. After reviewing the options available to you, you should discuss the options with them so you make a decision that is agreeable to all parties involved.


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