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10 Tips to Keep Your Assisted Living Facility Up-To-Date

Assisted Living

Every assisted living facility benefits from upgrading its services in the wake of intense competition in the market. For assisted living home owners, staying relevant requires a watchful eye on current trends and implementing strategies that clearly enhance the vision of the business.

These 10 tips to keep your facility up-to-date are important elements to include in your business plan.

1.     Offer an Expanding Menu of Amenities

Your residential care model should reflect the diversity of baby boomers. Offer a variety of flexible options to better meet their demand for more choices. Successful ideas are typically those aimed at satisfying their active, fun-oriented lifestyle. Keeping up with demands may require reinventing your business model, like providing trending, eco-friendly retirement communities. Other popular amenities also include:

·       Commercial kitchens

·       Bistros

·       Beauty salons

·       Indoor swimming pools and spas

·       Pet-friendly communities

2.     Do Market Research

Market research provides data on the needs of your consumers. Use this knowledge to devise a marketing plan of amenities that is currently unmet by competitors. Find practical market research resources in trade magazines and on the Internet to help you conduct successful analyses of trends within your industry.


3.     Investigate Your Competitors’ Services

A strong competitive analysis will help direct your marketing efforts and recruitment strategies. Investigate competing communities to determine the nature of their brand, their direction, and their suite of services. Having identified short falls in their attempts to penetrate the market, apply this new knowledge to mold your services and reposition your brand in the marketplace.

4.     Hire a Qualified Team

In the senior care business, your staff is your core product. Surround yourself with awesome people that you trust. The right staff provides quality professional services to inspire referrals and build the reputation of your business. Hire a capable administrator and qualified team knowledgeable in the services of health care. The administrator implements and maintains the business objectives:

·       Creating a program of daily activities

·       Facilitating tours of the property

·       Networking

·       Establishing a professional, personable environment

·       Monitoring health care services

·       Addressing family concerns

·       Overseeing the integrity of the grounds for a safe and secure environment

5.     Plan Family outreach programs

Successful residential care agencies do an excellent job of bringing families together. Family outreach programs unite families consumed with pursuing their busy lives. Each outreach event is unique having its own creative capacity to stand out from the competition and win the appeal of families. Such programs also provide opportunities to broaden connections among residents, families, and staff.

6.     Invest in Modern Telecommunications Systems

Senior care facilities require modern telecommunications systems to support the needs of the business. Telephone, Internet, and cable television are necessary implements that provide access to communication, promotes social interaction, and offers easy entertainment. Other technologies should include an integrated system with intercom buzzers, public address system, and emergency call systems.

7.     Design Personalized Meal Plans

Personalized meal plans target the special dietary needs of the elderly. Often residents are prescribed therapeutic diets to resolve health dysfunctions. In planning meals, it is crucial that your menu meets all health and regulatory requirements. Consult with your dietitian at the planning stage.

Commonly prescribed therapeutic diets include:

·       Soft Diets

·       Liquid Diets

·       Diabetic Diets

·       Low-Calorie Diets

·       Low Cholesterol Diets

·       Low Sodium Diets

·       High Protein Diets

·       Alkaline Diets

8.     Renovate your Business Property

Breathe new life into your facility every two-to-three years via property renovation. Create a long-term plan to develop brand identity, critical path, funding, and implementation schedule to excite current residents and the surrounding community. Business renovation may also include maintaining clean grounds and attractive architecture equipped with modern conveniences.

9.     Offer a Comprehensive Security System

Security is one of the most important components for facility owners since security solutions must integrate with the challenges of care services. Nevertheless, a safe, comforting environment is necessary to instil confidence and feelings of well-being among staff, residents and their families. A comprehensive security system should include:

·       Fire alarms

·       Carbon monoxide detectors

·       Burglar alarms

·       Surveillance system

·       Monitoring service

10.        Offer a Higher-level of Care

Offering a higher level of care for seniors who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease widens the value you provide to families. Services for Alzheimer’s and dementia cases require trained staff skilled in handling residents with behavioral needs. Check with your state Department of Human Services for the level of services you can provide, and the number of nurses required per patient.



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