find a quality assisted living facility near you

How to Find a Quality Assisted Living Facility near You

Assisted Living

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We owe it to our loved ones to afford them great care in their sunset years. Parents, for instance, sacrificed 18 years of their lives to give us a great start at life. It is only fair that we pay it back when they grow older and can’t live alone without assistance.

When looking for an assisted living facility for a loved one, strive to find the best that you can afford with your budget. Often, we settle for second best when just a little extra effort would have yielded an even greater result.

But how do you find a great assisted living facility near you? Before you make a commitment to any one of the facilities in your town or city, make sure they tick most of the following fundamental boxes…

They have a license from the state licensing agency: if the facility is not fully licensed, stay away. Not being fully licensed can only mean that they failed to meet all the basic requirements set by the local licensing agencies.

They are a member of an association: great communities and facilities are members of associations such as the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) or the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (AAHSA).

Be Aware of Referral Agencies

If you are serious about finding the best service provider in your area, you should never start by contacting a referral agency.

Referral agencies’ business is connecting their clients with qualified customers. Their business is not to connect you, the customer, with qualified assisted living facilities. As with any business, they’ll be watching the bottom line when making any decision. This means that the facility they recommend to you may not be the one that best suits your loved one but the one that will net them the greatest commission.

Does the person you are on phone with have any knowledge of geriatrics or are they just a polished salesman? You need to know so you are able to detect when he or she is pushing you take a deal that benefits their company instead of you.

This is not to say that there aren’t any great referral agencies out there. It just means that you should be cautious and do your own independent research.

What Happens When You Run into Cash Flow Problems?

We live in the real world where people experience real world problems. You might run into cash flow problems in the future. What happens when you can’t make the payments due for the month? Will they kick your loved one out? Or do they have a long enough grace period? You need to know what the policies are before you commit to the facility or community.

Standards and Well Being

Your loved one’s sunset years should be just as fulfilling and fun as their youth. Sending them to a facility that offers them a great lifestyle will probably the greatest gift you can give them.

Humans are social beings. The best assisted living facilities understand this and so put in place activities and programs that encourage socialization. Without human contact and support, people can actually fall into depression.

Social activities can take the form of movie nights, dances, classes, field trips and live performances.

To gauge how well the seniors are engaged in the community, visit when they are taking part in a community activity. Do they actually look happy? Is the staff helpful? You can always tell whether or not they are enjoying their time at the facility.

Go ahead and have a meal at the place. If you don’t find it nutritious, your loved ones won’t either.

Finding a Great Facility on SSMaps.com

SSMaps brings together the nation’s best senior service providers. To find an assisted senior service facility, simply navigate to the “search” category and look for assisted living facilities.

You will only find legitimate service providers on our pages.

You also have an opportunity to compare the services they offer with those of competitors to ensure that you are getting the best deal.



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