5 Tips to sell your semi-private room in your assisted living facility

Assisted Living

Owning an assisted living facility means your constantly marketing your product. Renting your semi-private rooms is always more difficult than the private rooms or apartments. Its important to make your semi-private rooms as appealing as possible to rent them out. Here are 5 tips to make your semi-private room as appealing as possible.


  1. Provide a room divider

Room dividers are a inexpensive way to give a semi-private room a private feel. Room dividers can range from a decorative curtain to a custom built more high-end look.


  1. Find likeminded roommates

Try to recruit clients that would actually get along with each other. When interviewing clients it may be beneficial to have a 20 question checklist to see what activities they like, what time they go to bed, what are there favorite tv shows etc. this way you could easily match roommates according to their interest which could make for a smoother transition.


  1. Coordinate their schedules to promote “alone time”

It may be easier to match roommates where one may go out to adult daycare or an outside activity so that they do not spent all day with the same person. This will lessen the chances of an altercation between roommates because they spend most of the day away from each other.


  1. Having Duel TV’s in the room

Having two TVs in the room is important; in my 10 years of owning ALF’s I have noticed it is the most argued about item among roommates.  Setting up two TV’s is as simple as going to the electronic store and purchasing a splitter and some extra cable wire.



  1. Advertise a special husband and wife rate

I have found that giving a special shared room rate for husband and wife can be a great way to keep your semi-private rooms leased. For example knocking off an extra $150 per person per month to accept husband and wife renters can give you the jump on your competition. Even naming a few of your rooms “husband and wife” suites and decorating them as such can really set your business apart from other local ALF’s


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