list of individual Rules and Licensing forms for assisted living facilities in the state of Florida.

Assisted Living

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Below is a list of  individual Rules and Licensing forms for assisted living facilities in the state of Florida.

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58A-5.0131 Definition 4/17/2014
58A-5.014 Licensing and Change of Ownership 4/17/2014
Rule file 58A-5.015 License Renewal and Conditional Licenses (Repealed) 3/13/2014
Rule file 58A-5.016 License Requirements 4/17/2014
Rule file 58A-5.0161 Inspection Responsibilities 3/13/2014
Rule file 58A-5.0181 Admission Procedures, Appropriateness of Placement and Continued Residency Criteria 4/17/2014
Rule file 58A-5.0182 Resident Care Standards 4/17/2014
Rule file 58A-5.0185 Medication Practices 3/13/2014
Rule file 58A-5.0186 Do Not Resuscitate Orders (DNROs) 4/17/2014
Rule file 58A-5.019 Staffing Standards 4/17/2014
Rule file 58A-5.0191 Staff Training Requirements and Competency Test 4/15/2010
Rule file 58A-5.0194 Alzheimer’s Disease or Related Disorders Training Provider and Curriculum Approval 4/17/2014
Rule file 58A-5.020 Food Service Standards 4/17/2014
Rule file 58A-5.021 Fiscal Standards 4/17/2014
Rule file 58A-5.023 Physical Plant Standards 4/17/2014
Rule file 58A-5.024 Records 4/17/2014
Rule file 58A-5.0241 Adverse Incident Report 4/17/2014
Rule file 58A-5.0242 Liability Claim Report 3/13/2014
Rule file 58A-5.025 Resident Contracts 3/13/2014
Rule file 58A-5.026 Emergency Management 4/17/2014
Rule file 58A-5.029 Limited Mental Health 4/17/2014
Rule file 58A-5.030 Extended Congregate Care Services 4/17/2014
Rule file 58A-5.031 Limited Nursing Services 3/13/2014
Rule file 58A-5.033 Administrative Enforcement 3/13/2014
Rule file 58A-5.035 Waivers 4/17/2014



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