15 things to look for when looking for a location for your Assisted Living Home.

Assisted Living

Starting your assisted living business is a huge undertaking and choosing your location is the most important decision. Here are 15 tips on what to look for when choosing the location for your assisted living home.

  1. Common use space:

    You want to make sure the home has enough space for people to congregate when they’re not in their rooms.

  2. Multiple bathrooms:

    The more bathrooms you have the less likely someone will have a bathroom emergency.

  3. Few steps:

    Do you want to make sure the home has as little steps as possible.

  4. Wide hallways:

    The wider the hallways the better. It makes for easier maneuverability with wheelchairs.

  5. Large bedrooms:

    The larger the bedrooms the better. You could share larger bedrooms and make more money.

  6. Few trip/fall hazards:

    Inspect the property and look at it through the eyes of someone who could easily fall and hurt themselves.

  7. Natural lighting:

    Natural lighting helps with depression and seniors.

  8. Staff working area:

    Look for a little area in the facility to set up a desk for staff.

  9. Live-in area:

    Maybe the home has an attic bedroom or a basement bedroom that they live in staff member can reside, this will help you save money on staff.

  10. Storage:

    The more stores the better for supplies.

  11. Outdoor space:

    The property should have adequate outdoor space for clients to enjoy the good weather.

  12. Smoke detectors:

    It’s important for the Home to have adequate smoke Detector if the system is wired in series that’s even better. And if it has a sprinkler system that is even better and a great selling point.

  13. Parking for visiting family members:

    The more parking the property has the better. Families hate visiting their love ones and they can’t find parking.

  14. Multiple sitting areas:

    The more separate sitting area the better. You will have some clients that do not get along and they do not want to be in the same common area.

  15. Upgraded AC/heat:

    It’s important that the AC unit in heating system is updated you will get a lot of use out of it.

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