Skin care tips for your residents or elderly loved ones


Skin types will vary for each of your residents or future residents. Some skin can be oilier than most and others may suffer from itchy, dry skin that may cause the skin to scale or crack.

Use ointments or creams to replace lotion. Avoid hot water temperatures when bathing because it creates barriers on the skin to block moisture causing dry skin.

Adding moisture to your home prevents dry skin use a humidifier for each room in your facility. Especially if you are using the air conditioner it tends to make the air drier.

Keep your residents up to date with their dermatologist appointments. An ointment prescription maybe necessary to improve their skin condition.

Last but not least make body cream oils for your residents using natural products.

  • Mix and blend up the following products:
  • 16 oz bottle of coconut oil
  • 10 oz shea butter
  • 24 Vitamin E gel capsules
  • 1 Aloe Vera leaf (if you do not have an aloe Vera plant leaf use aloe vera gel)

Once the products are mixed together pour it in a medium deep pan and heat and stir until it loosens. Once the mixture turns into a liquid remove from heat to cool down. You can add essential oils to add a scent to the body cream. Typical favorites, lavender, citrus, vanilla, coconut, and eucalyptus oil. You should have enough product to distribute separately in 8-half pint mason jars. Once the product is placed in the jars you can add different scents to personalize your residents body oil creams. Refrigerate overnight and the next day distribute to your residents.


Happy life starts with the skin.


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