The smart search for Seniors.

Senior Service Maps Incorporated was created by a Senior Care Provider, in conjunction with Senior Care Discharge Planner, to provide a streamlined search for families and other social workers in their quest for care for Seniors in need. We at Senior Service Maps Incorporated pride ourselves on removing the middle man; no more referral agencies pointing you in the direction of the highest bidder! Here, you can view provider’s pages, take virtual tours, schedule appointments, and get pricing information, all directly from the Senior Care Provider.

Regardless of what service you are looking for, it is available in our expansive database, whose categories include: Assisted Living Facilities, Geriatric Doctors, Home Care Agencies, Adult Daycares, Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapists, Nursing Homes, Pharmacies, Medical Supply Companies, and much more. If it is a company that specializes in Senior Care, it can be found on this site. Just enter City(or county) and state and the type of service to start your search!

According to ElderLawAnswers elder care referral services are attracting increased scrutiny; most offer consumers their services for free, but there is a hidden price; assisted living facilities and other adult care homes typically pay the referral service a sizable commission for any placement. In Washington state for example the facilities generally pay the placement agencies the equivalent of one month’s rent on average about $3,500.

This means that the service steers seniors to facilities they contract with often without regard to the facility’s quality. In an investigative report in 2010, the Seattle Times found that placement companies in Washington state had referred seniors to facilities that had documented histories of substandard care including “residents with dementia locked in rooms to prevent wandering, mentally ill adults drugged into submission to control behavior, and bed-bound seniors abandoned without assistance for up to 16 hours.”

Senior Service Maps gives consumers the tools to contact the provider directly; we don’t send them to the highest bidder.

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At assisted living facilities, senior citizens can enjoy a suite of services designed to uphold quality of life. In choosing a facility, seniors expect access to 24-hour personal care, nutrition services, social contact, security, and specialized support services while maintaining their independence. Knowing this, residential care providers do well to offer key services that cater… (READ MORE)


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