How to start an Assisted Living Facility

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With baby-boomers outnumbering young adults, there is a critical shortage of assisted living facilities in the United States. Whether you are a seasoned investor with 100 properties or a new entrepreneur – starting an assisted living facility is one of the best business decisions that can be made.  In 2007, during the height of the recession, having no prior experience I kick-started my first assisted living facility. Now, after owning and operating 5 facilities, I am confident in my ability to help others start their own journey of creating assisted living facilities. I have consulted on and helped build more than 10 facilities. These opportunities have proven that even if you have no prior experience and limited funding, I can help you do it too!


Everyday, I receive questions from people who are interested in starting an assisted living facility of their own.  Often, I end up spending almost an hour discussing ideas with them and I wonder how much information was retained during the session. After many follow-up phone calls regarding the same questions, I realized something had to be done. I wanted to make my valuable knowledge more accessible to my customers. I made the decision to record everything I know, providing a step-by-step breakdown of the process of starting an assisted living facility. I created a tutorial with detailed  instructions and visuals for clarity. Going through the process of starting an assisted living facility, different questions and concerns will arise with every step. This is the reason that I decided to create a reference for people to help them open their own assisted living facility. With the right tutorial on how to start, I know that people will be well informed and able to easily get through the process of starting their own assisted living facility.


I took the time to create an affordable tutorial on how to start an assisted living facility. Whether it is a 2 bed facility or a 50 bed facility – this tutorial provides everything to expect during the assisted living facility licensing process.

How to start an assisted living facility free tutorial.

Consulting monthly Package


If you are in need of 1 on 1 consulting we have a affordable package!

Consultant will provide the Services and Deliverable(s) as follows:

  • Consulting monthly services 6 hours per month.
  • Assisted living policies and procedure manual
  • Assisted living staffing manual
  • Assisted living resident manual
  • Assisted living medication manual
  • Assisted Living Emergency Disaster plan
  • Assisted Living Business Plan
  • Review and assistance of your licensure application
  • Review of your Uniform Disclosure Statement
  • Assistance with location layout and site survey. This will assure your assisted living facility is ready for clients and state surveyors.
  • Site visit and survey Assistance with choosing a site Consulting in remodeling with the purpose of licensing a home for assisted living.
  • Deliverable Materials Sample resident book with all necessary paperwork.
  • All necessary application for licensing an
  • ALF 12-month free advertising on ssMaps.com to fill beds and/or acquire a waiting list.

Client Responsibilities All fees associated with the licensing process Being prompt to assigned appointments Making all necessary changes instructed by consultant or licensing authority.

Fee Schedule: The contract is month to month and conducted on a Time & Materials basis. The total monthly value for the Services is $450 per month; you can cancel any time.

To sign up TEXT: 410-929-3897 or email me at Kwame.ssMaps@gmail.com


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