Welcome to SSM Advisory, where our passion for empowering care meets your entrepreneurial spirit. We specialize in guiding driven professionals like you- nurses, doctors, forward thinking investors and professionals- on the journey to launching, nurturing and successfully running Assisted Living Facilities. Let’s make your dream of creating impact in senior care along with financial freedom a vibrant reality.


Members Community

The Assisted Living Success Group is your most affordable online community for learning how to open and operate assisted living facilities with confidence. We offer monthly sessions with industry experts and resources, making it a central hub for aspiring and seasoned senior care entrepreneurs alike.

The Assisted Living Success Group is a modest investment for individuals looking for support to take the next step in their journey of starting and growing their senior care business


Learn from SSM Advisory Founder and Assisted Living Expert, Kwame Tanner through on demand video courses to acquire the knowledge and insights you need to confidently navigate licensing, setting up and operating a successful assisted living facility. With over 15 years of experience, Kwame provide in-depth and to-the-point insights to help you start your journey.

These courses are mid-level investment for individuals who need minimal guidance and support to take the next step in their journey of starting their senior care business.

1:1 Consulting

Work in an exclusive one-on-one with SSM Advisory Founder and Assisted Living Expert, Kwame Tanner to significantly accelerate starting and growing your senior care business.

This is a high level investment for aspiring senior care entrepreneurs who are ready to accelerate the launch of their senior care business.


At SSM Advisory, we empower our clients to launch, grow and operate successful senior care businesses with unparalleled expertise and support. Here’s a snapshot of our services:


We know that getting started can be overwhelming. We’ll work with you hands-on to determine which niche within senior care best fits your goals and work with you through getting your first business acquired and licensed.

  • Short and long term strategy development
  • Business plan development and writing
  • Market identification and research
  • Location identification
  • Property acquisition and conversion
  • Property licensing


Launching is only the start. We leverage our expertise as senior housing owners for last 15+ years to help you efficiently grow your business and become a known leading senior care business in your market.

  • Marketing and client obtaining clients
  • Location expansion
  • Identification and acquisition of existing businesses


Once your business has launched, we work with owners to implement business cases in order to operate a safe, high quality and profitable senior care business.

  • Creation of staffing plans and recruitment assistance
  • Creation and implementation of policies and procedures
  • State/ federal agency inspection and  preparation

Watch our free tutorial to learn practical tips and insights on what it takes to start a Assisted Living Facility.