Create Custom Pages

Create Custom Pages

With your membership with your company can be found by clients in your area using your custom web page.

Low Cost

Low Cost

With a low membership fee of $49.95 per month, live chat member support, and the ability to cancel at any time, you can’t go wrong with a custom page to reach millions of clients and strengthen your online reputation.

Attract new clients

Attract new clients

We send referrals to your company with no referral fees. Clients can reach out to you directly. We cut the middle man out. The membership includes discounts and services to help grow your company.

 How do we send leads to your company?

1. We have a dedicated SEO and social network team that locate people that are searching the web for senior care companies and invite them to search our site.

2. We have a working relationship with Social Workers nation wide through the National Association of Social Workers, they use when searching for senior care companies.

3. We have targeted television ads via Comcast running nation wide that drive viewers to search our site for senior care companies.

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Assisted Living Referral Program

For the assisted living providers that do not want to receive referrals from our subscription program  listed above we have created a standard referral program. With the standard referral program Assisted Living Providers will have to pay 70% of one months rent.

This package includes:

  • A page on our site that has pictures and details about your company.
  • Online customer support from our placement specialist.
  • Being visible to over 30k social workers that use Senior Service Maps.

Please provide the following information for us to create your page:

  1. At least 2 Paragraphs describing your company
  2. A list of services you offer
  3. Any pricing information you want to include
  4. Company address
  5. Phone numbers
  6. Email addresses
  7. Website address
  8. Pictures of the facility/business

If you have a website we can use the information from your website to create your profile. Please reply to this email with the information requested above and click the pay button to pay the fee. The one time administrative fee is $40 to create your page.