Assisted Living from Start to Finish: How to Build and Renovate Assisted Living Facilities is a behind-the-scenes educational series to see all of the construction, planning, design and operational steps it takes to renovate or build an assisted living facility from scratch. If you’re looking to convert a single family home or build a property from the ground up, make sure you follow this series to take the guess work out of how to create a thriving assisted living facility.

Join, Kwame Tanner, founder and CEO of SSM Advisory, as he helps future assisted living property owners turn their business dreams into reality. With over 15 years of general contracting and senior housing experience, Kwame and his team help aspiring assisted living entrepreneurs avoid costly pit falls when building or renovating a property into an assisted living facility. His pragmatic approach not only helps these aspiring entrepreneurs turn properties into safe and inviting spaces for seniors to call home but also ensures properties are setup to be profitable and compliant.

In weekly episodes, you’ll see and learn firsthand the following:

– Site selection: A home or site doesn’t have to be perfect, but it must have the right bones to create a successful assisted living facility. Watch Kwame teach future assisted living facility owners the best areas to select a site based on key home features, the opportunity to maximize square footage for both amenity and bed space as well as determine neighborhoods that can provide prime income potential.

– Budgeting: Assisted living budgeting requires managing both acquisition and construction costs but also preparing for operational costs. Learn industry benchmarks for construction costs in addition to operating costs like staffing, food & beverage and administration requirements. Learn how to manage projects when the unexpected happens and staying in budget appears to be threatened.

– Design and Construction: Assisted living facilities are highly regulated, and design decisions must comply with local requirements. Learn everything from room sizing, overall facility capacity, speciality fixtures and furnishes that make a space feel like home but also take into consideration both local building department and department of health regulation requirements. See what kind of materials to select that are budget and senior friendly but also provide a high-end look.

– Licensing: Getting your newly constructed assisted living facility licensed ensures all of your hard work during construction isn’t in vain. Learn from Kwame and his team the ins-and-outs from when to start an application, key application components and how to prepare for inspections

Episode  1 – The Walkthrough

Episode 2 – Demo

Episode  3 – Floors Leveled & Framing

Episode 4 – Kitchen Update

Episode  5 – Bathroom Tile

Episode 6 – Flooring

Episode  7 – Grab Bar Placement

Episode 8 – Finish stretch!

Episode  9 – The importance of decorating your facility!

Episode 10 – Coming Soon!


Learn from SSM Advisory Founder and Assisted Living Expert, Kwame Tanner through on demand video courses to acquire the knowledge and insights you need to confidently navigate licensing, setting up and operating a successful assisted living facility. With over 15 years of experience, Kwame provide in-depth and to-the-point insights to help you start your journey.

These courses are mid-level investment for individuals who need minimal guidance and support to take the next step in their journey of starting their senior care business.