Senior Service Maps Incorporated Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all Subscriber Pages created within Senior Service Maps. Additionally, all Page content must be in accordance with all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations. It is under the Subscriber’s responsibility to make certain that these rules and regulations are met and maintained so long as the page remains active.


Subscriber Page Guidelines

  1. Any Senior Service Maps Incorporated Page created may only be accessed by the designated personnel administered to that page.
  2. It is to the subscriber’s knowledge that all content posted to the Subscriber’s Page is accessible to the public for viewing.
  3. Subscriber Pages are open to any user, available to create a platform that is open to the public in efforts to support a business, organization or place of practice.
  4. If the Subscriber Page is not the Official Page of said business, organization or place of practice, proper accreditation must be administered to refrain from violation of one’s rights. In Efforts to avoid the violation of one’s rights, Subscriber Page administrator must:
  5. Only submit content that is your own. If content is not your own, you must obtain permission from the original creator to avoid any copyright infringement cases.
  6. The $49.95 subscription fee is solely to list your company on our directory and be visible to searchers. All other services are a courtesy of Senior Service Maps Inc. We do not guarantee referrals.
  7. Senior Service Maps has the authority to cancel a subscription if considered necessary. The following are examples Senior Service Maps may cancel your subscription.  Senior Service Maps is not limited to these conditions. Conditions are as follows:
  • Failure to make Payment
  • Inappropriate Content
  • Content that does not meet with applicable laws, statutes and regulations.
  • If Senior Service Maps Terms and Guideline requirements are not met proper investigation will forgo before any subscriber page is deactivated. Senior Service Maps will notify the creator of the page if deemed necessary to terminate account.


  1. Credit Card information is required in order to create a Senior Service Maps Subscriber Page.
  2. All information will be kept secure and confidential.
  3. After 3 failed attempts for payment to process, account will automatically deactivate. In order to reactivate account, account holder must enter new card information and repeat the signup procedure.
  4. A second payment is required for listing any new platforms for a separate entity. Any site, business or organization may be linked or mentioned in the original Subscribers page if a second account is not necessary.
  5. Monthly Subscription Pricing is subject to increase. If a price increase may occur, current registered members will be Grandfathered in to the price paid upon sign up.

Management of Subscriber Page or Pages

Page Names and Senior Service Maps Incorporated Web Addresses

Senior Service Maps Incorporated has the authority to remove or change content within the Subscriber’s Page if the content does not accurately and respectively meet Senior Service Maps page requirements. The Subscriber will be properly notified if page is flagged as inappropriate or fails to meet Senior Service Maps Incorporated requirement. If proper page changes are not addressed within the allotted time, Senior Service Maps reserves the right to either revoke administrative rights on site page or make changes to the Subscriber’s Page without permission from Subscriber. Senior Service Maps Incorporated Web Address requires the following guidelines:

Page names must:

  1. Not consist solely of generic terms (e.g., “Doctor” or “Assisted Living”)
  2. Use grammatically correct grammar.  Example, text consisting of all capital letters is not permitted unless used as an acronyms.
  3. Not use character symbols in a superfluous manner including, but not limited to punctuation and trademark designations.
  4. Not make excessive use of  unnecessary modifiers (e.g., “like” or “basically”).
  5. Not claim to be an Official Page if not an administered authoritative figure for said business or organization.
  6. Not violate someone’s rights.
  7. Not use copyright material without proper accreditation or rephrasing into your own words.

Collection of Data

Any content gathered from other user or source, meant to be reused on the Senior Service Maps website, must first be granted permission from the original content writer/writers. In publication, it is your responsibility to verify where the data was obtained and to properly cite the original author or artist. It must be made known to the readers that the content is being advertised solely by you (and not Senior Service Maps).

The use of automated means (e.g. robots or scrapers) used to collect data, must first be granted permission by Senior Service Maps.

Any collected information must comply with the Senior Service Maps company policies. Any content that is going to be published is subject for approval by Senior Service Maps representative.

Canceling your Subscription & Refunds

  1. There are no fees associated with canceling your subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time; Subscriptions are month to month.  Any fees charged in the months prior are nonrefundable.
  2. Subscribers are responsible for canceling their subscriptions.
  3. Subscription fees are for solely listing your company on our directory and being on the list to receive referrals, you cannot request a refund if you do not receive a referral. We send referrals as a courtesy. We do not guarantee referrals.
  4. To cancel your subscription simply:
  • Login
  • go to subscription page
  • click the red button named “cancel subscription”

As of 8/1/20 subscribers can also cancel via text with a representative from our TEXTLINE  after you have answered security questions.

Declined Payments

Senior Service Maps reserves the right to unlimited attempts to collect funds from active members who’s payments are declined.

Subscriber must cancel subscription to prevent monthly subscription fee from being charged to their card.


Page Features


Any third- party advertising on the Senior Service Maps  Subscriber’s Page is strictly prohibited unless otherwise granted permission by a Senior Service Maps representative.


All covers are readily accessible to the public meaning anyone visiting your Page will be able to see view your cover. Covers cannot be illusive or infringes on anyone else’s copyright. It is prohibited to upload or convince another page to advertise your cover on their own personal pages.

Offers and Promotions

  1. With permission from the authorized personnel, you may advertise any running promotions onto your Subscribers Page.
  2. Any limitations or restrictions within must be clearly stated.
  3. Senior Service Maps is not held responsible for any disputes brought on by an offer that is promoted on the Senior Service Maps website.
  4. All offers must comply with all laws and regulations.
  5. For any promotions administered through the Senior Service Map website (e.g. drawings, contests or giveaways), operation and deliverance is held solely by page owner.
  6. Senior Service Maps will not endorse nor sponsor any promotional offers.
  7. Senior Service Maps will not be held responsible for any registration or pre approval needs that must be met.
  8. All promotions must offer a terms and conditions policy including any requirements or restrictions, such as age, location, etc.
  9. It is your responsibility to stay in compliance with all rules and regulations controlling the promotional offer.
  10. It must be stated within the terms and conditions that Senior Service Maps is not in association with, and cannot be held responsible for any promotional promises not followed through by the promoter or  Page owner.
  11. If using Senior Service Maps as a platform to advertise a promotional offer, the owner of the page is responsible for all operations and the execution of the promotion.
  12. Any deals or promotions administered through Senior Service Maps are done so at your own risk. Senior Service Maps will not compensate for any losses or failure to see a promotion through.