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Tips & Tricks for How to Make Your Page Pop

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Tips & Tricks for How to Make Your Page Pop


Here at Senior Service Maps we want to not only empower you but, help you utilize your web page to its highest abilities. We understand how expensive and busy it gets being in the senior care field. Your job is to provide care and we want you to display all of your hard work in the best way possible. Remember you can use this web page with SSMaps.com on outside advertising. So here we will cover everything a few things, from aesthetics to basic business skill. Let’s run through some different things that will help you to make the most of your page.


Add your own “professional” pictures

     People who will be looking at your page are visual, give them something good to look at. You do not need an expensive camera to showcase what you have to offer. In this day and age almost everyone has a smartphone, if you don’t ask your 12-year old niece! So grab your smartphone and keep these tips in mind. First and foremost, tidy up the area that you are going to be shooting. This will help give your potential clients a cleaner idea of what it will be like to use your services. Shoot your photos horizontal to capture more of a landscape view. Let some light inside and turn off your flash by touching the flash icon which is usually represented by a lightning bolt. Natural light is always a plus! If you’re using an iPhone turn on the grid feature to ensure that your photo looks well balanced by utilizing the grid lining. When shooting with a smartphone we suggest to avoid zooming rather, shot your photos from an open space, a staircase or a corner of a room. The idea is to get as much into the picture as possible and to make your space look large. Add a pop of color to really bring your area to life, something as simple as new sham covers will make a difference. You can also get some fresh flowers that have a good pigment and add them to the kitchen table. They will look great and smell good too! Don’t forget your outside space. This will be an extension of their life with you so do include well captured images of what you have. Even a picture that has been taken with much consideration from the tips just given, they still may been a little extra umph. Download a photo editor app such as Camera+ (CameraPlus) to add more clarity to your photos.




Paint a picture with words: add a good description

     A description of your business is also going to be key in making of your personal page. This is your opportunity to tell the world who you are. Open your description with a simple statement of what values encompass your company. Is it the integrity of your employees? Maybe the quality of care you provide and how you ensure this level is reached. Whatever it may be, let that be know in an opening statement. When people are looking for care they wonder what their daily activities will be like at your company. Take them on a walk with your words, if your facility is surrounded with trees, families or close to shopping centers tell them within the description.


Add your personal logo or learn how to make a simple one

     Within SSMaps.com we give you the option to add a logo. Making a professional logo can be another costly additive. Logos can act as brand recognition so having a personal one is great. If not we have researched a few different ways to make your own logo. When potential clients search in your area the first thing they will see is your logo. Since we know first impression are impactful use color in your logo. Color is great way to get attention but avoid anything that is too dark or too light as it may be hard to see when scrolling through the list. We have looked into a few different free or low cost options to making a logo. On your iPhone or Android plug in “free logo maker”. A few that we saw that are nearly free are “Makr – Logo Design & Custom Prints”, “Designapp Graphics Design” and “Assembly”. These do offer a few in-app purchase options but this is not a necessity in getting a good logo. Here is one that I made with the free app ”LogoScopic” on iPhone. It’s simple but has some color. I prefer the one with no background because of the cleaner look but it’s all about preference, no right or wrong here.



We really hope that these tips will help you make your page at SSMaps.com the best it can be! By using the tools that we have to offer you can make your page gain maximum exposure. Remember,  we are doing all of the advertising on outside sources such as Facebook, television and Google we just want potential clients to see your business for what its worth once we get them there. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to reach out to us!


Becky Lane

Customer Service


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