5 Techniques to Marketing your Home Health Care Agency

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A home health care agency  is one of the toughest businesses to own; managing schedules, employees, and payroll can seem to take most of your time. most owners have a hard time advertising their Home health care agencies. Here are 5 amazing techniques to marketing your home health care agency.


1. Market to doctors

Marketing your home health agency to doctors is extremely important; having a few doctors that consistently send you referrals could equate to huge profits. However, marketing to doctors can be extremely difficult. Doctors are bombarded with sales reps from pharmaceutical companies and medical device salesmen. It is important to be as efficient as possible when marketing to doctors as you may only have a few seconds to talk to them, if that.

I would suggest you develop a relationship with the receptionist or commonly known in the advertising industry as the gate keeper. The receptionist controls everything that gets to the doctor’s desk. If you simply drop off advertising materials for your home health agency without developing a relationship with the receptionist, he/she may consider it as junk and never pass it on to the doctor. I would suggest you try to get to know the receptionist before you drop off any advertising materials; this may take a few trips but once the bond is made the chances of you getting referrals increase drastically.

Another great strategy to get in front of doctors is to go to local conferences. If there is a medical conference in your state the odds of local doctors attending will be good. Rent a cheap booth or table; set out your marketing materials and engage with the doctors. Doctors are far less in a hurry at conferences.

Make it beneficial to the doctors; Let the doctor know that you have plenty of clients and that you have no problem sending your clients to them if they are in need. This mutualistic relationship could grow for years.


2. Market to nursing and rehab facilities

Marketing your Home Health Care agency to nursing and rehab facilities is extremely important. Nursing and rehab facilities are only temporary housing for some residents, they will be discharged back home as soon as they reach a certain level. Having a relationship with doctors, social workers and administrators in the nursing and rehab facilities could mean plenty of referrals for your company.

It should be priority to make quarterly visits to nursing and rehab facilities to drop off marketing materials and chat with the staff.


3. State Fairs

State fairs bring in a lot of visitors; Maryland state fair had over 440.000 attendees in 2016. Use this to market your home health agency. Rent a small booth or table, hang a sign, and hand out marketing materials. Call your local state fair to book a booth.


4. Referral program

Use your current clients to bring in new ones. Implement a referral program; offer to comp a set number of hours for each new client they bring in. I have found this to be one of my biggest lead generators.


5. Online

The first thing people do when looking for  new services is go to the internet. It is important to advertise your home health care agency online. ssMaps.com is the perfect way to get clients for your Home health care agency, Senior service maps was created by a senior care provider, in conjunction with senior care social workers, to provide a free streamlined search for families and social workers in their quest for care for Seniors in need. Once you list your home health care agency Senior Service Maps, you get a full web page that you can use on any outside advertising. The content of your page is easily editable. You can upload pictures and add any important pricing information. Because ssmaps.com has working relationships with social workers, a nation-wide commercial, and a huge online presence your home health care agency should receive plenty of referrals.




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