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Why Seniors Should Have Engaging Activities in Assisted Living Facilities

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In order to live life to the fullest and remain healthy, seniors must engage in activities that encourage socialization, learning, and independence.  This is the reason why assisted living facilities should have a carefully planned activities program so that residents can take part in different kinds of activities that promote physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychological wellbeing. Assisted living facilities should also take into account the culture, needs, preferences, interests and abilities of each individual resident so they should also provide for plenty of opportunities not only for group activities but for one-on-one interactions as well.


Activities for the elderly residing in assisted living communities should be therapeutic as much as they are recreational.  Seniors are at risk for social isolation and depression so it is important that they are able to get involved in meaningful activities that will keep them happy, productive, fulfilled and entertained given their limitations. Having them join in activities that provide cognitive stimulation such as learning new skills or pursuing a new hobby will also help diminish existing feelings of despair, frustration and loneliness. Activities in assisted living facilities should also promote socialization among residents in order for them to build new relationships and forge friendships.


Assisted living facilities have become more proactive when it comes to planning the menu of activities they provide for their residents.  Many facilities are veering away from traditional activities such as board games, bible readings, and occasional events and are adopting a holistic approach to designing activity programs for their residents.


Below are the type of engaging activities offered by assisted living facilities to keep seniors healthy and involved:


  1. Classes


Assisted living facilities should provide a learning environment for the elderly.  A carefully planned activities program includes classes such as computer classes, art classes, foreign language classes, and literary classes, to name a few.


  1. Dancing


Dancing is both therapeutic and recreational.  This is the reason why it is always part of the menu of offerings in assisted living facilities.  Dancing also helps keep the residents physically active and is an opportunity for them to socialize with other residents.


  1. Live performances and entertainment


In order for residents to have a meaningful stay in an assisted living facility, they should be able to enjoy various entertainment options.  Senior living communities organize events that feature live performances from bands, choirs, dancers, magicians, impersonators, and even standup comedians.  Facilities also organize movie and karaoke nights as well as singing competitions to foster camaraderie among residents.


  1. Fitness programs


It is every senior living community’s goal to keep their residents physically active.  A lot of assisted living facilities now offer exercise and fitness programs that include yoga, meditation, tai chi, swimming, brisk walking, jogging, and even gardening to keep their residents fit and healthy.


  1. Field Trips and Excursions


Senior living communities organize regular field trips and excursions for their residents. They bring them to museums, sporting events, and concerts.  A lot of facilities also host day trips to cultural attractions and nature getaways in order for their residents to have a short but relaxing break from their daily routines.


Choosing the right assisted living facility for your aging loved one


If you are looking for an assisted living facility for your loved one, one of your considerations is the quality of their activities program.  You would want a senior living community that offers activities that are a good match for your aging loved one’s needs and interests.


To help you out, our company Senior Service Maps, offers a searchable database of assisted living communities and other senior care providers from all over the United States. To find an assisted living facility near you, all you need to do is choose the industry and input your desired location and our system will automatically generate a list of senior care providers in the area.  By using our free service, you can access the profile pages of these elderly care providers, take virtual tours of their facilities, and access relevant information pertaining to their services.  You can also schedule a consultation with their activities director so you can evaluate if their activities program is right for your loved one.


During your consultation with the activities director, request to see the activities calendar so you’ll know what events are on schedule and if they are what you’re looking for.  You should also find out how many staff members are assigned to assist with the activities.  Ideally, you would want more people equipped with the right skills to handle these activities.


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