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Why Skip Using a Referral Agency when Looking for Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living

The approach to guiding elderly citizens into an assisted living facility begins with the understanding of their nature, medical history and the state of their health. A thorough interaction with them in person is the key to knowing what they need and how they should be cared for. With many elder care referral agencies popping into existence, this vital and absolutely necessary first step of interacting with the actual people who are going to live in the facility is conveniently ignored.


As soon as a business begins to be driven only by a thirst for profits, it immediately ceases to be ethical. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with numerous elderly referral services that offer to provide a good insight into a great assisted living facility, at absolutely no charge for senior citizens. The fact that more and more of these referral services are being scrutinized, is proof of their shoddy work and their alarming disregard for their duties and responsibilities. At the outset, the revenue model of these businesses entails receiving ‘referral’ commission from such facilities. While this may not appear to be shocking at first, the fact that these referral agencies will recommend the services of even downright deplorable living facilities, saying they are excellent, because they get a fat commission from them. This leaves most of the seniors who take their advice seething in anger, in no time. These elder care referral services will proactively relay wrong information for money, which makes them nothing more than just a scam! The business model that these referral agencies follow is far from ethical. The biggest down side of enlisting the services of such businesses is the risk of getting your parents or any other elderly relative, admitted to a sub-standard living facility.


Every time you use an elderly referral agencies, you are almost always using one because of the convenience factor that comes with using them. All you need to do is fill out an online application and within no time, there is a certified professional at the other end of a telephone call with you, trying to convince you that a living facility that you probably might not even have heard of, is the best in the business. Typically, a person who is supposed to be an expert in guiding elderly people should have a basic understanding of geriatrics. But chances are that you might be speaking to a professional who an expert at directing you to an assisted living facility that would fetch their employers and themselves, the biggest commission. The commission that these referral services receive from Home care Agencies can be as big as a month’s rent. So don’t be surprised when these so called experts try to move a resident multiple times in a month to different facilities. Assisted living facilities also have subscription-based relationships with such services in order to get an active influx of references for up to a year.


Elder citizens are helpless and vulnerable, which is exactly why they need to be in safe hands. The fact that these referral agencies that are entrusted with guiding elder citizens, toy around with them is, frankly appalling, ironic and absolutely unfortunate. Potential residents deserve assistance based on their needs, but what they get instead from these agencies are, lies, misguidance and a huge amount of inconvenience, all because these agencies want to make some quick money. Elderly citizen’s referral services are as bad as a $1Mn lottery scam phone call. Spreading awareness about scams is the duty of every responsible citizen and we urge you all to raise your voice against these unethical business agencies and to refrain from using their services.


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