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5 Practical Tips for Growing your Senior Care Business

Senior Care

It is a fact that the global senior care industry has consistently shown exponential growth these past few years. And with an ever-increasing elderly population worldwide, there is a huge demand for senior care services designed to improve the lives of senior citizens.

Taking advantage of a rapidly expanding market, many entrepreneurs, allied medical professionals, and ordinary citizens are looking to start a senior care business of their own. Why not? The senior care industry is booming and in the United States alone, we are looking at millions of seniors aged 65 and above needing assistance with activities of daily living and other tasks.

Whether or not you have experience in geriatric care, starting your own senior care business is not a far-fetched idea. There is a lot of potential in the senior care industry, particularly in senior home care services. You can earn a decent income without making a sizable investment.  The basic requirements are an innate willingness to help people, an unwavering commitment to succeed, and a lot of hard work.

The success of your senior care business is hinged on your ability to identify referral sources and attract more clients to build a solid client base. You need to seek out individuals and families that can benefit from your services.  You should make use of sound strategies to grow your business. Here’s how you can attract more clients to your elderly care business.

1. Obtain the necessary paperwork. You may be starting small but keep in mind that your business should be legitimate.  You should complete all the necessary paperwork and procure all the licenses, permits, and accreditations required by your city, town, or state for your senior care business.

Furthermore, you should also have a comprehensive insurance coverage for your business.

Meet new people.

Meeting new people is a great way to obtain client referrals and leads that actually convert.  You can do this by visiting hospitals, senior care centers, churches, clinics, and even your local pharmacy to introduce yourself and promote your business.

Being a visible and respected member of your community helps in promoting your senior care business as well. You should consider joining organizations – including senior care organizations – in order to build new relationships.

Volunteering is an excellent idea, too. Join local health fairs, community fitness programs, blood and donation drives, and charitable endeavors.  By showing people that you are a caring and compassionate individual, you are building trust.

Furthermore, accepting speaking engagements tackling topics related to geriatric care will also help build your credibility as a senior care provider.


One of the foolproof ways to promote your business is through carefully placed ads. Advertise your senior care business in your community’s newspaper and run radio and TV ads. If you can, offer special deals to attract more seniors to your facility, practice, or home care service.

4. Market your business online.

In this digital age, you have to learn to market your business online. Remember, seniors and their families often turn to Google to look for senior care facilities and providers. Therefore, if you can’t afford to maintain your own website just yet, at the very least, you should have your business listed with websites like ssmaps.com in addition to having a business page in social networking sites like Facebook.

Our company, Senior Service Maps, maintains a well-curated searchable database of senior care service providers all over the United States. By having your business included in our database, you can create your own business page that seniors and their family members can easily access using our website’s easy-to-use search feature. They can also schedule an appointment with you, browse your gallery, and even take a virtual tour of your establishment or facility.

5.  Go the extra mile.

If you want to grow your senior care business, you should put a premium on quality service. Go the extra mile and help your clients and their families the best way you can. Hire the best employees and caregivers and treat everyone right. Do not forget to remember and do the small things.  By simply paying attention and showing them that you care, you will earn their loyalty.

Are you ready to grow your senior care business? Get in touch with us or chat with our senior care specialist.

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