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How to attract baby boomers to your business


Baby boomers are adults who were born between the years 1946 and 1964; They make up roughly 20% of America’s population.

Baby boomers are longest-living generation in history. They are at the forefront of what’s been called a “longevity economy,” whether they are generating income in the workforce or spending their Social Security checks. According to a recent AARP Bulletin, baby boomers continue to generate a powerful amount of economic activity. As consumers, they take in $7 trillion per year in goods and services. Even though they are aging – about half are 60 to 71 years old, and half are between 53 and 60 years old – they continue to forge new ground and explore new lifestyles, as economic, technological and medical advancements have provided them with many more alternatives in how and where they can spend their time.

Members of this generation pay a whopping $420 billion a year in federal income taxes alone. That’s not surprising when considering that 80% of the country’s personal net worth belongs to boomers

As a business owner, it is important to make sure you aren’t leaving the baby boomer generation out of your advertising strategies. And if you own a company that provides goods or services to seniors it is important that you have every resource to reach baby boomers or their representatives.

Here are some key marketing tips for reaching baby boomers:

  1. Reach their representatives

While many baby boomers may be independent they still have strong support from their children and grandkids. Reaching them may be far easier by using mediums like Facebook and other social media outlets. Simply creating a business page on social media and promoting your services may prove to be beneficial for your business.


  1. Network with other businesses that provide services/goods to Baby Boomers

It is important that you create a network of businesses that can help you reach baby boomers. For example, if you own an assisted living facility it will benefit you to be in communication with a geriatric doctor or a nursing home director in your area. They could send you new residents and you could potentially do the same. Maintain this relationship by simply making monthly calls to them or sending them your residents if they could use their services.


  1. Know the Patterns

You must know what is currently important to Baby Boomers and try to advertise your business where they find those important items. For example, Baby boomer’s frequent pharmacies; You could advertise your services at pharmacies in your area. Or Advertise at your local annual senior expo to network with other companies as well as reaching other Baby Boomers in your area.


Build your Senior Care businesses online presence.


This is the age of having information at your fingertips. When family member and social workers search for senior care they go to the internet. It is important to advertise your Business online. ssMaps.com is the perfect way to create a website for your Senior care business, as well as an online identity Senior service maps was created by a senior care provider, in conjunction with senior care social workers, to provide a free streamlined search for families and social workers in their quest for care for Seniors in need. With Senior Service Maps, you get a full web page that you can use on any outside advertising. You can easily edit the content of the web page, upload pictures and add any important pricing information. list your business today. Having working relationships with social workers and having a nation-wide commercial campaign allows for a huge online presence, assuring your business gets plenty of referrals.




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